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Extreme Chocolate Cake

Wednesday, 08 June 2011 19:12 Published in Gluten-Free in Five Minutes

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By using cocoa as the flour, you will have a very delicate cake with extreme chocolate flavor. Pair it with Chocolate Ganache for true decadence. This cake received two thumbs up from my dear friend Maddie!

Ice Cream Cones

Wednesday, 01 June 2011 17:08 Published in The Gluten-Free Kitchen

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OK, this recipe is here because I am a mom.  Only a parent would risk burning his or her hands to shape an ice cream cone for their child, right?  These ice cream cones are yummy; they taste like a light version of a sugar cone.

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Tender, fluffy, or whole-grain, these biscuits will make your mouth water - great flavor and texture!


For flavor, I've opted to use butter in our biscuit recipes. A slightly smaller amount of shortening may be substituted for the butter, if desired.


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In the original Thin Mint cookies, the underlying chocolate cookie is quite thin, not too sweet, and rather compact. It is the thin milk chocolate covering that is very minty.

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